Enabling 101: How Love Becomes Fear and Help Becomes Control

In some instances, enablers are also protecting themselves and/or children from those consequences. Individuals who have substance use disorders are not the only people who can benefit from treatment interventions, including various behavioral therapies. Therefore, family members often need guidance to differentiate between helping and enabling. Parents Expressive Arts Therapy: 15 Creative Activities and Techniques are natural caregivers, supporters, and helpers in times of need. Most often, parents want to help their children succeed in school, purchase the things they want to buy (but maybe can’t afford), and go the places they want to go. When a child develops a drug problem, however, this “helping” becomes harder to do, and also harder to define.

enabling a drug addict child

Some specialists and professionals can help you or your loved one to recover from SUD. There are rehab and detox programs for them when they’re ready to change. An intervention https://g-markets.net/sober-living/art-therapy-for-addiction/ can be a good way to help them understand their problems. You may also consider talking with your friends and family, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Addiction and Mental Health Resources

You should also know that different treatment options can cater to your child’s needs. Sexual or physical abuse can also increase the likelihood of addiction. These women are twice as likely to smoke, drink, and use drugs than those who were not abused in childhood. Drug abuse is often a consequence of underlying mental health conditions. Because of this, you should encourage your child to attend therapy. By stepping in to “solve” the addict’s problems, the enabler takes away any motivation for the addict to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

For example, a latency-age child may cover up her father’s drinking by cleaning up after him if he is sick, getting him into bed after he passes out, and minimizing his drinking to her mother. Her efforts allow his SUD to continue with limited https://accountingcoaching.online/sober-living-scholarships-in-texas/ consequence and keep the family system at relative equilibrium by reducing fighting between the mother and father. Although that adaptation may keep the family system in a state of equilibrium, it also serves to maintain the problem.


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